Pastor Tom's Monthly Message: October

The Seasons of Life

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,

     My prayer is that you all are doing well and that you are reflecting on the goodness of God in the first three-fourth's of 2018 AND His promised blessings to finish out 2018. I have heard several people that are younger than myself comment on how quickly this year has flown by…and it has. But time is all in God’s hands and it moves according to His will, so, we can trust that what He does with time is as wise as what He did when He created the earth and everything in and on it. In His time, He sent Christ to the manger (Galatians 4:4). In His time, Jesus died on the cross and in His time, Jesus rose from the grave. In His time, time will end. But until that time comes we have work to do.

     The fall of the year is my favorite season. In fall you get several seasons all wrapped into one in just a matter of weeks. In the fall, you still have some warm weather and “Indian Summer” left over. In the fall, you can get some cooler temperatures and here in NC, our ‘official’ first frost date is right around the 21st of October. Coming back from the mountains last year there was snow on the peaks so that can come along with autumn as well. Not to mention the colors of the leaves as they change, mums blooming, the sound of fallen leaves blowing across the lawn and people getting in those last mowing sessions before the mowers, blowers and weed eaters go silent for the winter. For those of us who deer hunt, we’re in the woods when we have some free time.

     Like I said, I like the fall of the year. Others may view fall in an entirely different light. They don’t like falling leaves, cooler temperatures, frost or leaf blowers. Autumn just isn’t their season at all! King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 3 that there are seasons to life just like nature has her seasons. People celebrate life and death differently. They look at weeping and mourning differently. Love, hate, war, peace, silence and speech are all contrasted in that famous passage of scriptures. However, verse 11 in that chapter tells us that God made everything beautiful in its own time, and from the Divine perspective, there is no ugliness in the events of our lives. God, through Jesus Christ, has put eternity in our hearts to know that from our beginning unto our ending, nothing is better than for us to rejoice in whatever God does for us in our lifetime. He’s a good God!

     We’re having our Homecoming on the 14th and that service will start at 10:30 so we’ll be bumping back our Sunday School time to 9:15 sharp. Todd Payne is our speaker and lunch will follow in the Fellowship Hall at noon. The Church is providing the meats and beverages so we’re asking everyone to bring side dishes and desserts. We’ve got plenty of music planned as we celebrate Park Place’s 80th birthday. Come on out and be with us and God bless you all. See y’all in Church on Sunday!

Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell