Josh Apple's Youth and Children's Page: October

Only Jesus

Hey everyone!

     It’s hard to believe that I have had the privilege to serve as Associate Pastor to Youth and Children at Park Place for the past 9 ½ years. During these years, I’ve ministered to and with many children and teenagers. To be honest, I’ve lost count of the number of children and teenagers who have come to Park Place over these past 9 ½ years. The one thing about this neighborhood around the church that I know, but still can’t get used to, is how transitory it is. Families move a lot around here. There have been times we have dropped off a child or teenager on Sunday night only to find out that they have moved when we went to pick them up on Wednesday night.

     Some of the ones I think about who were very faithful is coming to church but have now moved include: Theresa (moved to South Carolina), Brianna and Brian (moved to New York), and Brooke and Chuck (moved to Mebane). They were only a part of our Youth and Children’s ministry for a little while, but I did grow to love them.

     Usually when Karen and I learn that a child or teenager have moved and will no longer be coming to Park Place, we would say something like, “Well, I hope they remember us and the time they had at Park Place fondly.” But then I heard the new song by Casting Crowns called “Only Jesus.” Here are the lyrics of the chorus:

And I, I don’t want to leave a legacy I don’t care if they remember me Only Jesus

 And I, I’ve only got one life to live I’ll let every second point to Him Only Jesus

     The message of this song reminds me of our church’s mission statement: “Connecting people to Jesus: reaching up, reaching in, reaching out.” Our purpose is to make sure people know Jesus. After encountering people, who will they walk away remembering? Will they remember our words? Will they remember how we treated them? Or will they remember Jesus?

     I want people to remember Jesus more than anything else! I want the children and teenagers who come to Park Place to remember that Jesus loves them and that He died in their place so they can be forgiven of their sins. I don’t want them to remember the fun trips, games, or activities. I want them to remember Jesus!

 In Christ’s Love,